Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Story of Your Life. Moments of Inspiration.

Martin's Beach, Half Moon Bay, California
( place of inspiration as a kid,  mom would take us here often, one of the places that my story began )

If you have followed my blog in the last few years, you well know some of the life changing events that have taken place and I know through your comments, many have been able to relate to those experiences. It seems that major changes keep happening! Amazing how that happens, but when it does we just keep on going, keep putting one foot in front of the other with a smile.  I've learned that its best not to complain because in every change, new doors have been opened and new friendships have been forged that make it all so worthwhile :)

Kayaker in Morro Bay, CA
(what stories can this man tell....is this his daily routine? what a great way to get inspired)

Lately a couple people said something to me that really made me stop and think.  When relating the circumstances in my life that were changing yet again, the comment was made...."oh that's just the story of your life."  At first, I felt a little twinge in me....like I wasn't sure if that was an insult or just a statement of fact. Then I said to myself..."this hasn't always been my story, I had a different story at one time".  

Couple enjoying each other on the cliffs of Shell Beach, CA
( the grey hair tells me they have a story, yet still going strong ,enjoying the simple things in life together)

Sometimes we don't plan for it.  We don't know that the place we end up is different than we anticipated or that we will care for a sick parent and go through loss that is completely unimaginable.  We don't plan for these situations.  How can we?  Life has the unexpected. It has twists and turns that take us to places we never thought we would go. But we go and we make the best of it all.

Walking among the windsurfers in Oceano Dunes, CA
( I want to hear the guys story that is in the air!)

But what we can plan is to be positive through every life changing event experienced.  We have a choice to continue writing our story.  It may not always have a happy ending but it can be a source of learning and growing.  Our story is always changing, there's beauty in that. Some of the greatest artwork has been produced during times of deep despair and darkness.  It's so true, I always seem to have my greatest moments of creativity during life changes, both happy and sad.  I wonder why that is?  Perhaps the minds mechanism for survival?  Whatever it is, I've learned to appreciate those moments for what they are and what they produce.

Early morning, in deep thought on the Pismo Pier, CA
( every morning I would see this guy, I always wondered what he was thinking, he would stand in same place everyday and look the exact same way.  for some reason he intrigued me.  I wonder what his story is?)

Our attitude changes everything. It's almost exciting at times the "not knowing" how things will work out , or what twists and turns will come along the way. These are moments to embrace the inspiration that results.

Early morning surfer at Pismo Beach, CA

Looking back over the years, thinking of all the places I've lived, all the people I've met and become close to. I realize some of those friendships never would have existed if it were not due to circumstances and change.  And I'm happy for all of them.  It has made me who I am today.  And I'm content with that. They have all become part of my story. The story of my life.

Random groups of people doing their thing at Pismo Beach
( I love this picture! Different situations going on, each group just doing their own thing, not knowing they are being observed.  This was taken at like 8 in the morning )

So, "that's just the story of your life?" Yes! and I'm proud of it.  I read a quote recently.  "Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others."   We just never know how our story may affect or influence or even inspire an onlooker or friend.  So always write your story with a smile :)

Lonely woman at Shell Beach Park, CA
( I watched this woman walk with her walker all the way to this bench, it was so inspiring to me.  She struggled every bit of the way, then when she got to the bench she completely relaxed.  I can tell she has been here many times before.  I wonder what she was thinking at this very moment.  Is she content with the story of her life? )

I think back to when I was young and my mom would take me to Martin's Beach often.  We didn't have a lot of money, so this was something she could do for us to get us outside to enjoy.  I'm forever grateful that she took us here.  It has always been a spot of inspiration for me.  Little did she know that she was creating part of my story.

Photographer catching the moment at Grover Beach, CA
( I happened upon this photographer's Kodak moment one summer evening....the couple is beginning to write the story of their life together)

And then when my kids were young I used to take them to this same beach.  Helping them to write their own stories and memories.

Young boy without a care in the world, Shell Beach, CA
(this little guy has a world of stories ahead of him)

I know life seems to be getting more challenging for many of you reading this right now.  What are you going through at this moment?  All I can say is...just go with it....and try to stay positive...make your story one worth remembering.  One that you will look back on and think...."Wow, I can't believe I made it through....look how far I've come"

Early morning fishing on the Pismo Pier, CA
(that kids going to have some great memories)

Be proud of your story! Own it!  You deserve to create it the best way you can. Let it inspire you to create the best work of art you ever have!

Bubbles at sunset, Shell Beach, CA

Write it down.  Keeping a journal is an awesome way to write your story and look back to see how far you have come and how you have changed and grown.  Growth is essential.  Don't fight it.   So write about it.  Start today.

Male bonding on the cliffs of Shell Beach, CA

Well there you have it...that's my story.  I've learned to embrace change and be proud of it.  Perhaps my story is not what I intended it to be, but new chapters are always being written.  And a new chapter is always just around the corner.

Paddle boarder at sunset with sea otters watching...

My inspiration of the day.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Taking random pictures of random people doing random everyday activities is one of my favorite past times.  I love to imagine what they are thinking and imagine what their story might be :)

Lone fisherman on Martin's Rock in Half Moon Bay in the 1980's

So here the last picture is at that beach mom used to take me too.   I took this when I was a teenager in photography class.  I called it the Lone fisherman of Martin's Rock. 

Have a great day....and continue to write your story!!! Leave me a comment and tell me a little of your story...I would love to hear and be inspired! :)

Renee of SomethingSeaBlue

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