Sunday, January 25, 2015

SomethingSeaBlue's Travel Organizers Now On!

They're back!  It seems like everytime I post one they sell out quickly.  I know! That's a good thing as long as I make more :)  Now you're used to seeing SomethingSeaBlue's items listed on Etsy...but I've decided to switch it up for now.  I've opened up SomethingSeaBlue on  

If you have not yet popped on over there, give it a look.  It's a new forum for creative people and small brands to sell their products.  You can also follow  on Facebook & Instagram 
Its quirky and fun so its right up my alley!

Right now I'm in the process of uploading my items that I had on Etsy to Boheman.  A process indeed! I had over 130 items on bear with me!  It'll get there :)  If there was something you had seen that you liked and its not yet listed, just ask.  You can email me at

So for now, here's a glimpse of my travel organizers listed on so far.  More to come.  So check back often.  These little travel jewelry organizers are great gift ideas.  I also do custom orders for weddings/bridal parties.  Choose a color scheme and I can make all the same or several in a color scheme of your choice.  Just send me a message :)

Well I better get back to posting new items!  So just in case you were worried about where I went...don't worry I'm still around :)  Stay tuned!  And thank you for being my faithful followers .....much appreciated!!!!

Have a wonderful beautiful week wherever you are in this world! 

Renee of SomethingSeaBlue

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