Friday, December 13, 2013

Seaside Nostalgia, Vintage Sea Finds

What do you think of when you hear "seaside nostalgia"?  Perhaps eating a caramel apple at the boardwalk...a ferris wheel ride by the sea on a Friday night....watching the ole fisherman casting his line off the creaky old pier?

All those scenes bring back memories for me growing up on the California coast.  Nothing like the smell of the salty air, the sound of the seagulls, and the sea breeze sweeping across your face.

As you can see I can never say enough about my love of the sea.  Just a drive inland and I begin to have "sea separation" anxiety..... if there even is such a thing!  :)

Here's a peek into my last couple of days of reminiscing into the past.  I have sea glass from Kauai and California as well as shells and stones that I have wire wrapped with some fun seaside charms.

I love this one with the silver sailboat, the pearl reminds me of sailing under a full moon.

This ones a favorite too.  Large white half shell makes the perfect back drop for the old lighthouse.  The cracked glass blue bead to me, resembles a globe...perfect for the world traveler.  I have always been fascinated with lighthouses, one time I even took a rode trip

down the East Coast to see all the lighthouses until I got to the tallest brick lighthouse on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks.  Its 210 foot height makes it the tallest brick lighthouse structure in the US and the 29th in the world. 

Talk about nostalgia!  Imagine all the ships of the early 1800s heading toward those dangerous shoals but seeing the faint light of the lighthouse.  Hmmm okay, enough imagining for the day.  But if you do happen upon North Carolina...the Outer Banks are a must see.  One of my favorite places to go.  Now someone else who appreciates Sea Nostalgia is Kelsey Vineyards.  I have to give them picture credits for their awesome labels! These two labels always inspire me. (well, and the wine too :)

Besides loving their reds, hard cider and the wonderful relaxing vineyard.  I love their vintage surfboards they have hanging up.  One of the boards was newly painted with a picture of the Kelsey daughter.  You must pay them a visit next time your in town.  Or if you're out of area?  Check out their wine club memberships or contact Travis at and get a taste from afar.  But if you do pass by?  Make sure you feed one of over 130 peacocks that roam free!  Its probably one of my favorite things to do around here :)

Enjoy your weekend and take the time to think back...get nostalgic and be inspired....
Renee of

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