Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Linens & Lace

a touch of vintage lace applied to silk
There's nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee from the French press and diving into a basket of yummy linens from the past! Well...perhaps not simultaneously...unless your goal is coffee dyed linens! Hmmm now that's a thought! :) 
a peek of what you will find at Willow Nest
That's just a usual morning for me as of late.  Sun shining brightly through my upstairs window overlooking the grandest oak tree, filled with blue jays and black birds that squack at every hymm of my sewing machine.  But as you all know my love of birds....I view them as my companions or perhaps "co-workers" adding to my inspiration.

supple shams to die for!
I have always had a deep appreciation for vintage textiles, especially linen.  There is absolutely nothing like them.  The quality, the texture, and the color.  Nature at its best.  I spent many hours of my life diving into Victoria magazine clipping out pictures of remnants of the past, ideas and inspirations for me to dream upon.  And then my all time favorite find and buy.  A huge book cataloging all of the vintage garments of Kyoto Museum in Japan.  Oh the men's vintage waistcoats!!  The fabric, the embroidery, the details!  and all by hand! 
custom made shams with a touch of the past
So here is just a glimpse into my last couple weeks of inspiration and creations for Lynda Flynn at Willow Nest. She has wonderful ideas that I try to make come alive.  If you have not yet had the opportunity, you must pay her a visit.  And plan to be impressed with their finds from Belgium and France.  Linens from the 1800's delicately monogrammed, some of the shams you see above (if they are still there!)  Also you must see the gardens.  You will feel like you are in another place and time.  Especially if you go around noon time the mission bells will ring.  Its delightful.  Oh and please be sure to whistle and tweet to the sweet dove friends of mine in the garden :)
Hmmm about that cup of coffee....!  Time for me to get back to work!  Stay tuned...and enjoy this wonderful day!
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