Monday, November 7, 2011

Shell Bangles, Stackable Bracelets and More Beach Jewelry! 25% OFF JEWELRY SALE!!

Stackable Sea Glass, Stone and Shell Bangles!

Well its been a fun weekend!  I just love getting lost in my workshop surrounded by shells, rocks and sea glass!  Options are endless when you get lost in creativity :)

Sea Glass and Shell Sailboat Necklaces

I like to create peices that take you right back to the coast...that make you feel the sand under your feet and the sea breeze against your face....well not really! but you know what I mean!  Anyone who loves the beach, knows what I mean :)  Especially for all you beachcombers!  There's nothing like a day at the beach finding treasures...

So here are some of the results of my day of "funness"!  You know that really should be a Webster word!  Because it completely describes the moment :)

I love bangles and I have tons of beachcombing shells from this summer in Kauai with my daughter and other beaches around California, so why not combine the two ...They are simple and cheap!  I figured I create some not so expensive like ones with Sterling Silver and Gold.  Just for some of us that want the look without the cost.  So here's my $15 line of Shell and Gem Bangles.  I used gold colored brass. 16 gauge wire.  and Silver colored permanently colored copper wire.

They are fun and can be stacked with your other favorite bangles.  I love them and wear them everyday!  So when Im away from the beach, I can look down and dream a bit :)

Beach Stone Necklace

Also here's a line of beach stone necklaces and wire wrapped sea shell sailboats.  Several of the ones above are for a store in Grover Beach that is going to start carrying my jewelry, but stay tuned for more listings at SomethingSeaBlue

Shell and Pearl Necklace

I just thought I would give you a sneak peak!  Prices for this collection range from $18-35.  If you are a store or gallery and are interested in carrying some of SomethingSeaBlue peices please contact me...I do sell at wholesale prices to stores and boutiques.

Sea Shell Sailboat Necklaces

Okay, so what do you think???  Want to go for a walk on the beach??  Sailing??  Whale watching??

Stackable Bangles only $15!!

If you just can't get to the beach right now....scroll down through some of my blog articles of my trips to the beach and the inspirations that resulted from them...

And you will feel like you were there too :)

Have a wonderful week!!!!

Renee at SomethingSeaBlue

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