Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel Jewelry Roll Cases! How to Organize Your Jewelry While Traveling

(**UPDATE...most of the rolls below have sold but the pix give an idea of what can be created especially for you!  Contact me if you would like one made in the color combination of your choice, and check SomethingSeaBlue store on Boheman for more listings,  thank you!!  Renee   1/26/2015)

Going on vacation? In need of some great gift ideas for bridesmaids? Tired of throwing your jewelry in your purse or cosmetic bag and then when you finally reach your destination its all tangled up??

If your anything like's hard to find just what you are looking for..just the right size, shape, colors and of course easy to use!

I've tried to use the little jewelry blossoms which I do love because you can put so much jewelry in the seperate little compartments and pull the drawstring and its all protected...but the can't see any of it! So you thumb through each compartment until you finally find the earrings you were looking for...ever happened to you???  then  you know what I mean! :)

Several months ago, I made a few rolls for myself and put them online and thats when I started to get some feedback of what people were looking for.  So these jewelry rolls have gradually evolved into more practicality, and yet still fun and girly, because that's what us girls want right??  They have to be fun and pretty too :)

So far I have small jewelry rolls like you see here and the large one above, which is great because it can hold long necklaces and has a seperate bottom sectioned pocket so they dont get all tangled up!

If you like something here and you would like to choose a different color theme, please just ask me!  I love it when I get requests...I say "send me a picture of a color combo you like, even a particular fabric that you like and I will try to either find that particular fabric or something similiar.  I am completely open to your feedback.  If you have a suggestion of a different size or number of compartments or anything...please let me know..that is how this whole "evolving" happens! 

I have come to realize that I really do like working with the Kona cotton on the inside.  I love th look of the silk, but sometimes I wonder if in time some earrings or chains may snag the silk.  It looks pretty and is silky soft but I really think the cotton has a smoother look.

                                       An added "catch all pocket" to the small jewelry roll

So how about it?  Get your creative juices flowing and send me a note with your feedback!  You can either leave me a comment here or click on my website and convo me with your ideas or requests.

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day and remember always make time for a stroll along the beach or lake or whatever water is near you!!!   :)


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