Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jewelry for People Who Love the Beach! Shells, Moonstones and Sea Glass Jewelry

Well its been a long and busy summer! From the beaches of Kauai to Moonstone Beach in Cambria to Refugio in Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach in So Cal! And still I don't feel like I have had enough beach time :) 

However my workshop is full of some great beachcombing finds....pukas and lots of shells from Kauai, moonstones and jade frrom Cambria, baby sand dollars from Pismo...sea glass from Kauai and California and just so much more... 

And well of course been to bead shops in practically every city we visit so here is just some of the creations of the summer...the ones that make you feel like you were at the beach.

To me there's no better place to be!  There is nothing like a cup of coffee sitting in Kauai watching the sunrise over the Kilaeua lighthouse....

Or watching a beautiful sunset with your feet in the warm waters of Southern California..

Okay, now are you in the mood for some beach time too!  I say GO! 

Always make time for a stroll along the beach...enjoy the sunrises or sunsets depending where you are in the world...but always remember to take note of where you step...you never know...you just might find your treasure too!

Well thats it for today, short and sweet...too much work to do today!  Stay tuned for my next article on the inspirations from Half Moon Bay, CA , my favorite place in the world..."Reasons to visit Half Moon Bay"...until then...

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!

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