Monday, July 18, 2011

A Quick Glimpse Into Kauai Shelling Trip!

Aloha!  Just thought I'd give you all a glimpse of Kauai this morning :)  It' been gorgeous this week! Above is a pix of some gorgeous treasures from North daughter told me not to disclose the exact location...sorry :)  No...I did not pick these ones myself...Im a little chicken to go in the water and shell for them these came from my friend Josh...he's got an eye for the good ones!   And so graciously let me glean from these...

I, on the other hand love to sit on the beach and pick through this kind of pile for pukas, cat eyes, kahelelani's and whatever I can find!  It's amazing what you will find...I can't wait to come home and get busy creating some new jewelry...I have some very good size shells for some simple pendants and will also try to create some cool wire wrapped stay tuned!

This pix was taken at my favorite beach on the North Shore....Tunnels Beach

This is a pix of Glass Beach.  It was awesome!  Even though we went at high tide so we couldn't go and grab the freshly brought in tumlbed glass, there were large slabs of rocks everywhere covered with sea glass....gorgeous aquas and blues and greens....a sea glass lover's delight!  A bit of a  trek to get down there, but worth seeing it...and well of course worth getting some!  Hope to incorporate some sea glass into my next beach jewelry creations.

A view of King Kong Mountain range...from our friends balcony while we were having dinner...Isn't it amazingly lush and beautiful!  and if you were to look over your shoulder to the left was a full moon rising over the ocean...breathtaking!

Sunset over Hanalei Bay

Okay so just a glimpse...stay tuned for more to come ....I will be writing an article on "Reasons to Visit Kauai"  with some good vacation "things to do" come back and visit SomethingSeaBlue soon!


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  1. This is so beautiful! I want to see the sea glass beach!


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