Monday, June 13, 2011

The Random Radish....Foodie Bags, Linen Kitchen Towels etc...

My first crop of the season!

Well, another secret about me that only those closest to me know!  My absolute crazy obsession with radishes...all, black, french breakfast, watermelon, daikon radishes!  I love to eat them! Seriously...I will eat a whole bunch these ones in the bowl?  yaaa they are long gone :)

It was getting to be an expensive habit!  I guess there are worsse habits to this was time to grow them!   I did not realize how quick you can have them!  In just a few weeks they are ripe and ready..and oh so good for you...better than snacking on chips or other tempting treats...with the radish you get the crunch! with a bit of a kick!  these ones are so spicy :)

So a couple of months ago, I opened a new Etsy store... TheRandomRadish  honoring my love of ...well.. the radish!

Theres just a few items so far...but I love also to shop for bulk at the health food what a cute way to bring your bulk items home!  You girls always like pretty things!  even if it is just to buy some barley!  :)

In the store there are only a medium sized bag but lets see what kind of feedback we get??  What sizes would you like to see??  come on all you Foodies out there! 

The foodie bags and kitchen towels are made with 100% linen  or flax.  And appliqued with 100% cotton.

So how about it?? Let me know what you think!  And always remember to Eat Your Vegetables!!

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