Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Ribbons, Vintage Buttons, and Coin Pearls

Ahhhh its Friday!  Can't beleive the week flew by sooo fast! But it was an exciting week for me!  Beachcombing...working with brides...and....I got my first order to have my jewelry carried in a new jewelry store on Tybee Island in Georgia!  So exciting!  When the store opens in July I will be doing a feature article on the grand opening so stay tuned :)  Its perfect...since I love the east coast...I love lighthouses and coastal this is a good match for me...hope it all works out as planned!

So this is some of what  I accomplished today...worked with some gorgeous bronze and copper coin pearls...

Some pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness....with a bit of pink wire crochet...

And some more mother of pearl vintage buttons...I just love working with  buttons....its a good fit for me..being a seamstress and loving the mother of pearl buttons and me are made for eachother...and plus they are vintage!  everyone loves vintage....nostalgia

Okay, well this wasnt from today....but it fits my theme!  lots of vintage buttons!

Well, everyone have a wonderful weekend...and if you get a chance to take time off from the workshop...and are near the beach...take a long beach walk and relax!  and well if there are no beaches around....perhaps another large body of water!  or the park???  something to enjoy the outdoors....and ENJOY!!

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