Friday, June 24, 2011

The Colors of Summer, Flower Inspiration

Mom's Bouganvillas

Well its Friday and I had a brain freeze! I had no inspiration to write :(  Writer's block for sure!  Thats what I get for not writing down all the ideas that I had yesterday while driving down the gorgeous coast from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara watching flocks of pelican's breeze over the crystal blue....

So I'm sitting here with my hot cup of coffee staring at the screen and mom walks out the front door to admire the garden and says "Wow!!! its gorgeous outside! you should come out here and write about this!"  Suddenly the coffee kicked in! grabbed my camera and thus began the inspirations for the day...

Fallen Fuschia

Sometimes thats just all we need, to stop and take a walk in the fresh rejuvenate us...creatively speaking.  A look at the obvious...a stop to "smell the flowers"....we get so busy that we forget to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us.  So many thoughts racing through our head that we forget to notice all the this morning, nestled behind this gorgeous bouganvilla in our garden is a nest of baby birds with the sweet sounds of little chirps.

Now I feel alive again! I run around the garden snapping pix, dodging lizards running past my bare feet and the buzzing bees!  These are the colors of summer!...I work with so many gorgeous gems and rocks that are so similiar to the colors in our here are a few of the latest creations...

Enjoy the collection and remember to stop and smell the flowers this weekend...

Wild Linaria

Take a break, go take a walk at the coast or large body of water!  or just a simple walk at the park...

Or how is your garden growing?? Maybe a trip to the nursery??

Canna Lily

Well whatever you do have a Happy Friday! and enjoy the rest of the show below :)


Mom's Bearded Iris'

My first yellow Nasturtium of the summer!

Vibrant Purple!

Lavender Pink Fragrant Rose!

Bright blue lobelia


  1. I love that bouganvilla pink!Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous jewelry!Nature never fails to inspire me..even a rainy day has its own beauty. Today it rained and then was such a sauna when I went outside to take some pix, my camera lens fogged over!

  2. Oh thank you! I love flowers! And yes I too love the rain! Especially a warm rain like in kauai :)... I'm glad u enjoyed!!


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