Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Jewelry for the First Day of Summer! Summer Jewelry Trends and Fashion

Well the first day of summer is here! It is gorgeous outside!  here on the Central Coast!.I was at Pismo Beach last night, a bit chilly but perfect none the less...So how about some beachy jewelry for the first days of summer??? What are some new summer jewelry trends?? Here's a bunch of ideas to get us started! 

A bit tropical appeal?  I found all these Fossil Coral Beads at the Divine Planet in Kauai...favorite shop!! The detail on this fossil coral is amazingly beautiful!

This one I also got in Kauai last year...I love all the blues, mixed with some reds....looks like a hawaiian sunset....or a surfboard!  On brown leather laces with loop closure.

You can never go wrong with pearls for summer jewelry fashion.

and shells...

a little something for a beach updo?

I love these!  I wear mine all the time...to me they represent the main elements of coastal life...the sun the sand the ocean!

So feminine! Pink freshwater pearls and shells. for the beach...shells and pearls are the summer jewelry trend...

Pukas and the colors of the coast.

Perfect for a casual stroll on the beach with a fun and retro feel...

A bit of beach whimsy with these awesome detailed red coral rounds..

Oh wait...how did this get in the mix!  this is a vintage sanddollar we found as kids along the Pismo dunes!  well...take a stroll and maybe you will find one too! :)

Or what about these for that beach wedding???  Simple and elegant..

These just make me think....summer sunsets on the beach by the fire....ahhhhh

Juicy tropical pineapple margarita??? okay, well not exactly...but pineapple quartz is sure pretty!  mixed with peruvian opals and these pukas I found on the beach in Kauai...Tunnels Beach...my absolute favorite!!

a medley of pearls and shells and more all wire crocheted for a fun and whimsical beach bracelet.

a bit more fancy...perhaps for th bride on the beach??  or to dress up your next vacation in the tropics??  the blue flash labradorite is amazing on this!  mixed with the pinks of cherry quartz and pearls and lots more!

Definitely a one of a kind conversation peice!

Lots of different greens and teals....like the colors of the islands!

love this color combo!! a bit funky

Found on the coast of one of the Channel Islands...baby abalone with crystal and aqua stone...so just a few ideas to get you ready for the first day of summer jewelry trends!!!  for lots more jewelry with bits of the coast please see my website! for a bit of SomethingSeaBlue

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