Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Combing, Trip to Bead Shop, and some Eye Candy

Mom beachcombing for sand dollars early morning at Pismo

I love love love sea oats...on the way down to Shelter Cove to seek out some seaglass! Its a bit of a jaunt :)  But I had coffee! Here we come!

The beach ready for us to comb :) ahhh yes...low tide....perfect!

Find your spot.. make yourself comfortable and patiently sift ....move the sand back and forth, do a little will be amazed at what you find :)  and look up once in a while to absorb the scenery and the sounds of the birds ...and of course the waves..

The finds for the day...I was searching for  baby sanddollars and found six!  I want to let them dry in the sun and then dip them in silver or gold for a gorgeous may not look like it was a good beachcombing day...but once these shells are dry and cleaned up they will be perfect for jewelry!  lots of seaglass...clear, green, aqua, a baby blue and even a brown one with some markings on it!  plus lots of cowry ( i think thats what they are called? ) shells with some purple...and lots of rocks for my collection in the sunroom/ me it was a good day :)  3 hours of quiet beach definately does the body good!  now Im ready for work!

Then you have to take some time to enjoy and be inspired by all the beautiful at Shelter Cove is alot of rocks and beautiful purple sea weed...

Looks like a purple fern :)

These poor little guys got left by the tide :(  We thought to put them back in the water but seems they werent moving :(  Very beautiful colors...I said it seemed like a Romeo and Juliet story....they looked peaceful and looked like they were holding hands :)

After beachcombing we went to a cute little organic beachy cafe for some  breakfast and yum much needed coffee!  Felt like we were at Java Kai in Kauai with the coconut pineapple scone!  okay anyways!....then went to 2 bead shops and found stones for the rest of todays creations :)  

Baby abalone pendant found off the coast of California on one of the Channel Islands...mixed with a medley of shells (some found on kauai :)  )  and pearls etc...

Nothing to do with the beach except the ocean blue color :)

Lovely rustic coin pearls in copper and bronze mixed with lots of stuff!  and a large stunning shell pendant I found last year in Maui...

Inspired by the beachcombing day with colors of the aqua sea....and the ceramic pendant that resembles a blue wave.....finished with a white Keishi pearl dangle....So......what do you think????  Time to grab a cup of coffee in the morning and grab a bucket  and do some beachcombing?? go for it!  Its good for the soul :)   Fresh air, birds, waves and peace and quiet....

Have a wonderful day!  I sure did!

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