Thursday, May 5, 2011

Upcycle Your Buttons! Mother of Pearl and Wire Crochet

If you are anything like have a insane amount of buttons!   Some I have inherited, some Ive bought and some...well I really dont know how ....anyways...I decided to take a closer look at some of these treasures.  Mother of Pearl...these I inherited from a little old lady who had them nicely strung on cotton string for who knows how long!  But upon closer look, they are so unique and so gorgeous!  The irridescence is amazing!  Too precious to be hiding in an old Danish cookie tin :)   So once again, I go crazy with my wire! 

This time, I used both gold and silver non tarnish artist wire, 24gauge.  Two chains of silver wire and one chain of gold.  A sprinkle of buttons , pearls, blue flash labradorite, puka shells and crystals and more.  Then I hand braided all three wires together and Voila!!!  Oh and then of course the centerpeice drop was added after because it was too beautiful to be all wrapped up with the others!   So what do you think??  Want to try it??  Then get some wire, some cutters and a size H, I , or J crochet hook and a clasp and your favorite buttons and beads and go for it!!!  Let me know what happens!  I love to see pictures, so just put the link in your comments :)    have a good evening and go have some creative fun!

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