Saturday, May 28, 2011

A day at the Coast with a little this and a little that...just Random today :)

Well how is everyone this gorgeous weekend?? Here in California it was a gorgeous day....spent the day in beautiful Morro Bay...watching the sea lions play, sailboats dance, seagulls sing over the sparkling sea...enjoying some good company and the best fish n chips in town!  Although beachcombing wasn't part of the agenda...which...yes .....I know! I cant believe I held back from my favorite past time!....oh well there's always next time....

 So here's a quick "Show and Tell"  from the past couple of days...kind of random....seems like my inspirations were going in a lot of different directions!

Ive never worked with Rose Gold before even though I love it!!  I didnt even know what "Rose Gold" was!  Did a little research...basically it is a gold and copper alloy widely used for specialized jewelry. It is also known as pink gold and red gold.  so here are a few rose gold earrings...

Rose Gold Filligree Hearts (sold super fast !)

I love this uncle works on one of the Channel Islands off the coast of California and he finds these awesome baby abalone shells...perfect for a coast loving bride!

A little retro?  or a bit of fiesta feel??  This ones just fun for summer :)

Okay, long day....short post :)  but...all this ocean breeze got me thinking about sea glass stay tuned for hopefully...tomorrows post!  all about the beautiful see tumbled treasures...featuring my daughters jewelry from the beautiful island of Kauai....TumbledTears

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