Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with Ladybugs! and Something blue for the Beach Bride

Okay so a little secret about me .... when I was little my mom used to dress me in red and since my hair was jet black she said Id crawl around and looked like a little ladybug :) so from then on I became Lbug :)  yaaaa so anyways....I love ladybugs! aka Ladybirds.
This gorgeous wire crochet bracelet is a perfect "something blue" for the beach bride.  A bit of mother of pearl, crystals, vintage glass and flashes of "blue flash" labradorite.  I love it!

Perhaps perfect for your upcoming vacation? A bit of a tropical flare with fresh colors of mango and turquoise.

Great to add to your favorite tshirt?  how about a purse? hat? hmmm the options are endless!  A bit whimsical....

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