Friday, April 29, 2011

Have Fun With Scrap Leather! Upcycle!!

So what do you do with that leather jacket from the 80's with shoulder pads that make you look like a quarterback??  Upcycle!!  So many things you can do with little bits of leather....from small essential pouches to coin purses, wine bags, totes etc... Have fun with it...get out your stash of old buttons, scrap leather, colorful zippers , beads etc and have at it!  And see what your imagination does!
You can make it big enough to hold your cell phone, ID, some small change, mints, chapstick, keys and look chic at the same time....embellish it with your favorite flower or other cutouts.

                                                                  Red leather neck pouch
Several years 15 years ago, someone gave me this little two toned neck pouch bought from a local flea market.  Little did I know how much that pouch would go through !  I loved it!  Perfect for the gym to throw my gym card, ID and car key.   Hiking, walking or for just hands free shopping, I used that little pouch for everything, until I decided to Upcycle!  And began cutting up leather jackets and making these essential little neck pouches.  I cut strips of leather for the neck strap which makes them super soft and comfortable.

Stay tuned...Im working the kinks out of these really cool leather wine bag/totes perfect for a beach picnic or easy wine tasting carry bag...and remember to Upcycle!!!!  Have Fun!

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