Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Surf and Turf Collection! Leather and Sea Glass. Cuffs & Bags

Been quite busy should see my workroom....stuff everywhere! It seems that's the way I get the most creative.  And believe me, I know exactly where everything is :)

So I've been collecting leather for probably the last 6 years.  Great thrift shop finds, remnants from other workshops etc. Recycling previously loved and cherished items and up-cycling them into fun "new" items to be equally loved and cherished!

There's nothing like the smell of leather.  And all the textures and the character that comes from leather that has been worn and weathered.  I just love it!  So I started thinking about what types of things I actually like to wear.  And somehow I'm always drawn to the boho chic, bohemian, hippie, surfer chic, free spirited fashion.  So that's how this idea was born.  Trying to combine two loves.

One of my work tables...

The simple design of the leather cuff wristband appealed to me.  But it needed something to make it unique and give the feel of the beach.  I have at least 15 pounds of sea glass that my daughter and I have collected from the coastlines of  Kauai and California.  As well as shells and some vintage buttons and beads.  Voila!  Added them to the cuffs as button closures.  I fell in love!  Every time I tried one on...I'd say..."well maybe I will just keep this one!" :)

Then to add to the collection I thought it was time to replace my very much loved hip sling , over the shoulder bag!  Believe was time..I almost posted a picture of the two I have used for the last 5 to 6 years.  One of them I made and one I had bought.  But I'm too embarrassed to show it to the world...I worn them out...and for a seamstress to carry around a bag that is fraying (to say the least)...well its kind of like the shoe maker with no shoes. You get the point!

After several hours spent making and perfecting the samples, this was born. Small over the shoulder hip sling, crossover, crossbody, hipster bag! So many different names not quite sure what to call it.  But you know how it is when you want to take that walk on the beach...and only need to carry the essentials and have a place to put those bits of sea glass, shells and stones in?

Or you just want to do some hands free shopping without your shoulder killing you the next day from carrying an oversized bag.  This is perfect for you then.  I know I can never be without it.  So here's two of the new small bags. More coming soon...I have at least 6 more cut out and in the works :) one of them is a turquoise and white fabric with red leather handles!!! They are fully lined, piped on the top and have recycled/up-cycled leather straps. As a closure is leather with wire wrapped sea glass bits.  Fun eclectic one of a kind fabric combinations. Perfect for yourself , as a unique fun gift, or even as bridesmaids gifts!  If you want custom ones made, convo me at the shop and you can choose a color scheme and style and I will find a combination perfect for you and your bridesmaids.

 So come on over to SomethingSeaBlue and have a look.  Be sure to take a look at the new large grocery totes and lots of new sea glass wire crocheted bracelets on SALE!!

Okay gotta go take that walk on the beach now :)  Thanks for sharing with me in my new inspiration collection of Surf & Turf!!!

Renee of SomethingSeaBlue

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