Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dancing In the Rain

Well I saw this picture today and I related to it immediately and I thought YES....that explains the last two years!  And I'm sure many of you can relate.  It's so easy to get caught up in the storm...but Oh! it's so much more pleasant to be optimistic and just DANCE!  I grew up on the Peninsula in the Bay Area (California)  and it wasn't uncommon for me to walk to school early in the morning with the fog all around me...or in a soft rain....who needs an umbrella!?  The best feeling is to have your rain boots and raincoat on and dance all the way...skipping through the puddles without a care in the world.    So why do we have to outgrow that feeling?   Living life with that same mentality as an adult, even though not's just so much more satisfying.
Many foggy mornings spent here at Pismo Beach here I am again...trying to get back into inspiration...writing and creating.  If you have followed my know the journey of the last couple years.  Thank you for traveling along with me and for all of your support.  I know many of you have a similar story....and there is somehow comfort in just knowing that.  But now after a good year and a half "off"   its TIME!  I have spent practically everyday at the ocean and have so many ideas spinning circles in my head!   The sea has a way of doing that to is one of the most inspiring places to be.  Amazing how it can clear your head and fill it at the same time! 
Having the ocean all around you is like a big hug!
So I'm trying to do a little Etsy shop  "make over" to a more Seaside Vintage look.....granted it's taking me a bit longer than I anticipated ....but I will get it there soon.  Also I have a list of stories that I would like to write ...topics such as the Monarch butterflies journey to Pismo Beach, the whales stopping by Avila Beach, story of the doves...  and stay tuned :)  In the meantime here are a few pictures of creative "moments"  as of late....enjoy and stop by SomethingSeaBlue and have a look!
seaside charms and birds nests

this one drove me crazy! its asymmetrical...I am more of a symmetrical creator but I am trying to venture out a bit :)  I actually love the way it turned out....

Have a wonderful day and always make time for a walk on the beach!  (or the nearest large  body of water you can find)
Renee :)

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