Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspired By "The Pipe", Jewelry Inspired by the Banzai Pipeline

I know... it's kind of funny the things that inspire us to create.  Inspired by the Pipe you say??  Indeed!  Just take a look at the Malibu Dream above...can't you see it???  Colors of the waves...the curve on the agate...where the ocean meets the reef...come on use your imagination!! :)

Billabong Pipeline Masters 12/14/13 --Live Webcast
Even though not a surfer myself...I've always been obsessed with the sport.  Love love love to watch...especially big wave surfing, that's my favorite.  Probably a result of living under 20 miles from Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.

Almost done...
So yes, I am an avid follower of the ASP, Vans Triple Crown, Mavericks Invitational, Big Wave World Tour etc etc... thanks to Surfline's Webcams !!!

Okay, back to the Saturday of Billabong Pipemasters.....about 1/2 hour before the comp started...all of a sudden I took one look over at my sea glass....hmmmm......then another look at my stash of beads...hmmmmm   and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had piles of blue's, greens, turquoises etc.   At first  I had no intention of making jewelry while watching but once those creative juices start flowing, its almost impossible to rest until you follow through.

I think that was one of the most satisfying competitions to watch.  All the hype on the beach that day was so inspiring.  The thrill, the high, the sound of the crowds....and before I knew it my fingers were so sore from wire wrapping!
Next year it's my goal to be there in those crowds!  My dad lives on yes, why wasn't I there!!???   So if you didn't get a chance to watch you probably heard....

Kelly Slater wins the event, Mick Fanning the world title and young John John Florence the Triple Crown.

Kelly surfed flawlessly as always, made all the right decisions that day...Mick's heats were historic and cute little John John spit out of a Pipe barrel and proceeded to stick a tail throw reverse.  Loved it!!

A few days before the comp. I watched an interview with Kelly Slater from 10 years ago.  When asked where he wanted to be in 10 years?  He looked over at the then 10 year old blondie JJF walking with his surf board on the beach and Kelly said he wanted to be surfing the Pipe against that kid.
Moment I was waiting for Slater vs John John!
So yes this was the moment I was waiting for all week!!!  And what a finish it was!  With lots of new creations to prove it :)   My "Inspired By the Pipe" Collection  was an inspiring day for me.  Putting two of my loves together .  The waves and the art of expression, for me in this 
So what inspires you to create??  For some it can be as simple as a beautiful smile...a pair of laughing eyes...the morning sunrise or the amazing colors of the sunset....whatever it is, let yourself get lost in inspiration every once in a while.  You just may be surprised :)
Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile :)
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Seaside Nostalgia, Vintage Sea Finds

What do you think of when you hear "seaside nostalgia"?  Perhaps eating a caramel apple at the boardwalk...a ferris wheel ride by the sea on a Friday night....watching the ole fisherman casting his line off the creaky old pier?

All those scenes bring back memories for me growing up on the California coast.  Nothing like the smell of the salty air, the sound of the seagulls, and the sea breeze sweeping across your face.

As you can see I can never say enough about my love of the sea.  Just a drive inland and I begin to have "sea separation" anxiety..... if there even is such a thing!  :)

Here's a peek into my last couple of days of reminiscing into the past.  I have sea glass from Kauai and California as well as shells and stones that I have wire wrapped with some fun seaside charms.

I love this one with the silver sailboat, the pearl reminds me of sailing under a full moon.

This ones a favorite too.  Large white half shell makes the perfect back drop for the old lighthouse.  The cracked glass blue bead to me, resembles a globe...perfect for the world traveler.  I have always been fascinated with lighthouses, one time I even took a rode trip

down the East Coast to see all the lighthouses until I got to the tallest brick lighthouse on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks.  Its 210 foot height makes it the tallest brick lighthouse structure in the US and the 29th in the world. 

Talk about nostalgia!  Imagine all the ships of the early 1800s heading toward those dangerous shoals but seeing the faint light of the lighthouse.  Hmmm okay, enough imagining for the day.  But if you do happen upon North Carolina...the Outer Banks are a must see.  One of my favorite places to go.  Now someone else who appreciates Sea Nostalgia is Kelsey Vineyards.  I have to give them picture credits for their awesome labels! These two labels always inspire me. (well, and the wine too :)

Besides loving their reds, hard cider and the wonderful relaxing vineyard.  I love their vintage surfboards they have hanging up.  One of the boards was newly painted with a picture of the Kelsey daughter.  You must pay them a visit next time your in town.  Or if you're out of area?  Check out their wine club memberships or contact Travis at and get a taste from afar.  But if you do pass by?  Make sure you feed one of over 130 peacocks that roam free!  Its probably one of my favorite things to do around here :)

Enjoy your weekend and take the time to think back...get nostalgic and be inspired....
Renee of

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Planning a wedding? Need Something blue? Need a gift idea? Love the beach?

Then come have a look around SomethingSeaBlue

From jewelry for those who love a bit of the beach or something blue for the bride....we may just have something to make your day special!
Wire wrapped sea glass, moonstones, pearls, shells and more add that touch of nature to sea side weddings.  Even have sea glass and beach stone cuff links for the beach loving guy!
From sashes & earrings to leather & some vintage items.  I even have a few things left from my Bernina "de-stash".
So have a look around.  And remember if there is something that you like but you would like it  customized for you.  Or perhaps earrings to match one of the necklaces, or any idea that you have that I can help come to fruition, please just let me know! 

Like if you are having a wedding and want custom jewelry for the bridal party?  Just ask.  Or need some gift ideas?  Perhaps custom jewelry rolls or sashes ?   Just ask!  I am more than happy to assist.

Have a happy Wednesday!!!! and keep smiling :)
of SomethingSeaBlue

Breaking All The Rules, Upcycling Vintage Clothing

Vintage velvet coat turned into pants
Well, Coco Chanel did it so why can't I??  These thoughts racing through my head as a stare at this lovely draping, supple velvet coat adorning my mannequin.  When Lynda Flynn said, "Oh I would just love it if you could turn my velvet coat into bloomers"  I took one look at the princess seams and flared bottom and said "Hmmm I don't think so!"

the process
For one, I spent 9 years on the design team for the Bay Area Showcase Chorus as their sole seamstress.  I thought after making over 150 blouses out of velvet for one of their costumes, my velvet days were over forever!!!  I never wanted to touch the fabric again!  But when someone looks at you with designing and dreams going on in their's just too hard to say NO! 
I'm not going to lie....there were moments I wanted to throw the coat out the window! (sorry Lynda :) But as you can see "the process" above, that didn't happen.  So, back to breaking a dressmaker you are well acquainted with the rules of "the grain".  So as I am trying to work around all these princess seams I could just hear my instructors and mentor from the past like Kenneth King,  cringing and "huhhhhing"  as I completely go against the grain!!  Then to top it off I hear lyrics of a song in the background saying "when everythings meant to be broken" !!  Haha!  my sewing conscience bothering me :)   

not your average way to wear a dress...
So, Coco....I loved watching the movie of her life story and how she changed fashion forever....she broke the rules of fashion in her time and made new rules, remnants that influence style for women today.  Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box.  Upcycling is all the rage today.  So why not try it??   Go ahead break some rules!  Have something that was once a favorite but now seems out of date or your friends got tired of you wearing it???  Take it and upcycle it.  Use parts of it to make a blanket, pillow, table runner....turn an old ruffled skirt into a handbag! whatever you want....the options are endless.  Go ahead!! Break some rules! I'm giving you permission!  and have fun doing it!  :)  send me a pix!
or average way to wear a skirt and top!
Keep smiling!  Keep creating!!  Have a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Linens & Lace

a touch of vintage lace applied to silk
There's nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee from the French press and diving into a basket of yummy linens from the past! Well...perhaps not simultaneously...unless your goal is coffee dyed linens! Hmmm now that's a thought! :) 
a peek of what you will find at Willow Nest
That's just a usual morning for me as of late.  Sun shining brightly through my upstairs window overlooking the grandest oak tree, filled with blue jays and black birds that squack at every hymm of my sewing machine.  But as you all know my love of birds....I view them as my companions or perhaps "co-workers" adding to my inspiration.

supple shams to die for!
I have always had a deep appreciation for vintage textiles, especially linen.  There is absolutely nothing like them.  The quality, the texture, and the color.  Nature at its best.  I spent many hours of my life diving into Victoria magazine clipping out pictures of remnants of the past, ideas and inspirations for me to dream upon.  And then my all time favorite find and buy.  A huge book cataloging all of the vintage garments of Kyoto Museum in Japan.  Oh the men's vintage waistcoats!!  The fabric, the embroidery, the details!  and all by hand! 
custom made shams with a touch of the past
So here is just a glimpse into my last couple weeks of inspiration and creations for Lynda Flynn at Willow Nest. She has wonderful ideas that I try to make come alive.  If you have not yet had the opportunity, you must pay her a visit.  And plan to be impressed with their finds from Belgium and France.  Linens from the 1800's delicately monogrammed, some of the shams you see above (if they are still there!)  Also you must see the gardens.  You will feel like you are in another place and time.  Especially if you go around noon time the mission bells will ring.  Its delightful.  Oh and please be sure to whistle and tweet to the sweet dove friends of mine in the garden :)
Hmmm about that cup of coffee....!  Time for me to get back to work!  Stay tuned...and enjoy this wonderful day!
Renee of

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dancing In the Rain

Well I saw this picture today and I related to it immediately and I thought YES....that explains the last two years!  And I'm sure many of you can relate.  It's so easy to get caught up in the storm...but Oh! it's so much more pleasant to be optimistic and just DANCE!  I grew up on the Peninsula in the Bay Area (California)  and it wasn't uncommon for me to walk to school early in the morning with the fog all around me...or in a soft rain....who needs an umbrella!?  The best feeling is to have your rain boots and raincoat on and dance all the way...skipping through the puddles without a care in the world.    So why do we have to outgrow that feeling?   Living life with that same mentality as an adult, even though not's just so much more satisfying.
Many foggy mornings spent here at Pismo Beach here I am again...trying to get back into inspiration...writing and creating.  If you have followed my know the journey of the last couple years.  Thank you for traveling along with me and for all of your support.  I know many of you have a similar story....and there is somehow comfort in just knowing that.  But now after a good year and a half "off"   its TIME!  I have spent practically everyday at the ocean and have so many ideas spinning circles in my head!   The sea has a way of doing that to is one of the most inspiring places to be.  Amazing how it can clear your head and fill it at the same time! 
Having the ocean all around you is like a big hug!
So I'm trying to do a little Etsy shop  "make over" to a more Seaside Vintage look.....granted it's taking me a bit longer than I anticipated ....but I will get it there soon.  Also I have a list of stories that I would like to write ...topics such as the Monarch butterflies journey to Pismo Beach, the whales stopping by Avila Beach, story of the doves...  and stay tuned :)  In the meantime here are a few pictures of creative "moments"  as of late....enjoy and stop by SomethingSeaBlue and have a look!
seaside charms and birds nests

this one drove me crazy! its asymmetrical...I am more of a symmetrical creator but I am trying to venture out a bit :)  I actually love the way it turned out....

Have a wonderful day and always make time for a walk on the beach!  (or the nearest large  body of water you can find)
Renee :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


SomethingSeaBlue is getting a new look!   I know it has been a long while since I have posted.  For those that have followed my blog over the last few years, you were aware of  the challenges that I was facing with my mom's illness.  Many have wondered the outcome of her 2-3 year battle with Lymphoma.  Sadly she lost the battle last year in July. She was my number one follower and the person I shared my inspirations with...  So needless to say, life changed and my blog and Etsy store SomethingSeaBlue grew quiet.  After many long walks on the beach and just time itself...I am full of new inspirations and ideas and would love to share them with you all again....So stay tuned!!!!  

SomethingSeaBlue is having a 1/2 off sale on selected items.  So click to the right on the Etsy store link and enjoy!

And as always.....enjoy each day...and always take time to take a stroll along the coast....or if inland???  the nearest peaceful large body of water :)

Be talking to ya soon!

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