Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sea Glass Jewelry, Beachcombing Treasures, Wire Wrapped Beach Glass and Shells!

Well its been a long summer!  So much beachcombing up and down the California coast and the shores of Kauai.  Now time to put a twist on these favorite beach finds.

Aqua Sea Glass from Kauai

Isn't this a gorgeous peice!  My daughter found this in Kauai...its so amazing that I had to keep it for myself :)  I added a little rose quartz and moonstone charms at the top.  Wanted to keep it simple to show off the gorgeous aqua blue color.

Green Heart Sea Glass from Kauai

This "heart of the sea" came from Kauai as well.  I wire wrapped it with silver and added a sprinkle of hearts and pearls.  For some reason when I wear this it reminds me of the Heart of the Sea necklace Kate Winslet wore in Titanic, well except hers was a diamond and not simple green beach glass!  But as they say, the value of a peice many times is what the owner makes of it :)

My friend Josh in Kauai dives for shells and he so graciously gave me alot of his treasures...this little shell has a faint swirl of lemon yellow and purple winding up the shell.  I wire wrapped it in gold wire with a sprinkle of purple swarovski.  What do you think?  Simple for a beach bride?

Ever go on beach walks and find the most amazing beach stones and rocks??  I seem to always gravitate to the smooth black flat beach stones.  This rock I found at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA .  I absolutely love that beach for beach stones.  In addition to the famed Moonstones, you can find an abundance of jade, agates and many other beach stones perfect for creating little jewelry treasures...  and for those small pebbles you dont know what to do with??  Last night I decided on Cuff Links!  Perfect for the groom that loves the ocean.  So stay tuned for cuff links up and coming to SomethingSeaBlue.

Simple and Elegant, perfect for the beach bride.

My friends Sarah and Jared found this shell while combing the beaches of Jamaica on their honeymoon....and I inherited it :)  Thanks guys!!!!  Do you like it??  I paired it with a Puka shell I found at Tunnels Beach in Kauai along with a blue sea glass chip found as well there.

So "once in a blue moon" we find such a sweet little perfect moon :)  I just love the color on this one!  Ever wonder what all the sea glass colors mean? Or in other words where they came from?  What were they before they became part of your beachcombing treasure box?  Check out my article Tumbled Tears for some suggestions.

I know...this one is a rather large peice!  And I kind of went a bit crazy with the twist of wire ...oh but I was just having so much fun!!!  Do you have any peices of sea glass from your beachcombing that you are not sure what to do with??  If you have the artistic desire, go and get some jewelry wire and try your hand at it...or you can even contact me and perhaps I can wrap it up for you into something you can wear and enjoy.  Perhaps it has a special memory attached to it for you, so why let it sit in a can become a great conversation peice.

I love the green and copper color combo here.  Now speaking of a special memory...did you know that part of the name for SomethingSeaBlue originated with me finding a gorgeous peice of cobalt blue sea glass??  It used to be my habit to go early Sunday mornings to walk and write (well not simultaneously of course!) at my favorite place in the world, Half Moon Bay, CA.  One early morning I was walking and my head was full of creative thinking getting ready to open my shop and I stumbled across two seperate peices of cobalt blue sea glass!  My favorite color and hard to find!!!  I still have those two peices. 

So since I primarily was a bridal seamstress trying to take a turn in my business and take it online, and coupled with being a complete ocean lover....then emerged the name SomethingSeaBlue.  Something Blue for beach brides.  So that is why most items in my shop have a peice from the beach or ocean :)

Okay well thats my story for the day.... hope you enjoyed the show!  Now are you in the mood for some beachcombing yourself??

Like I always say, "take some time for a stroll along the beach"  and look down once in a while since you never know what little treasures you just might find!  Have a great day!!

For some reason this blue eye reminds me of a curious whale eye! :)

Renee of SomethingSeaBlue

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