Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Awesome Jewelry Blossom! Jewelry Pouches

*****UPDATE***** Most of these blossoms have sold but check out the new ones just listed at SomethingSeaBlue on Boheman !!  Or if you would like custom made ones for a wedding/bridal party just email me at Somethingseablue@gmail.com   Thanks!!  1/16/2015

Going away for the weekend? This is a colorful fun way to keep your jewelry organized for your fun getaway... the Awesome Jewelry Blossom!

Fun and colorful fabric combinations create these easy 8 pocket jewelry or cosmetic pouches. 

Several years ago my friend gave one of these to me as a gift and I use it every vacation or weekend trip I go on...I love it!  So easy to just grab a few pairs of earrings, necklaces and bracelets and throw 'em in here and pull the drawstring and Voila!  all safe and protected.

8 pockets make up the side and then there is the large center section as you can see above, which is perfect to fit your bulkier items like bracelets and bangles.

Are you a bird lover like me??  I have a couple different combinations with bird houses and bird's nest fabrics.  What a great gift idea !  Or how about a gift for your bridesmaids?

These can not only be used for jewelry but they make a great little cosmetic pouch as well.  Easily fits all of your eyeshadows, lipsticks a small mirror for the center pocket and easily can fit into your purse.

So how about it??  What do you think?  If you have any ideas for fabric combinations or perhaps you just love butterflies or dragonflies or anything really!  Just send me a message , I can do a custom one for you no problem! Or customize several different ones for each of your bridesmaids with a theme to fit them each personally...I love all of your ideas!   Be creative :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel Jewelry Roll Cases! How to Organize Your Jewelry While Traveling

(**UPDATE...most of the rolls below have sold but the pix give an idea of what can be created especially for you!  Contact me if you would like one made in the color combination of your choice, and check SomethingSeaBlue store on Boheman for more listings,  thank you!!  Renee   1/26/2015)

Going on vacation? In need of some great gift ideas for bridesmaids? Tired of throwing your jewelry in your purse or cosmetic bag and then when you finally reach your destination its all tangled up??

If your anything like me...it's hard to find just what you are looking for..just the right size, shape, colors and of course easy to use!

I've tried to use the little jewelry blossoms which I do love because you can put so much jewelry in the seperate little compartments and pull the drawstring and its all protected...but the downside...you can't see any of it! So you thumb through each compartment until you finally find the earrings you were looking for...ever happened to you???  then  you know what I mean! :)

Several months ago, I made a few rolls for myself and put them online and thats when I started to get some feedback of what people were looking for.  So these jewelry rolls have gradually evolved into more practicality, and yet still fun and girly, because that's what us girls want right??  They have to be fun and pretty too :)

So far I have small jewelry rolls like you see here and the large one above, which is great because it can hold long necklaces and has a seperate bottom sectioned pocket so they dont get all tangled up!

If you like something here and you would like to choose a different color theme, please just ask me!  I love it when I get requests...I say "send me a picture of a color combo you like, even a particular fabric that you like and I will try to either find that particular fabric or something similiar.  I am completely open to your feedback.  If you have a suggestion of a different size or number of compartments or anything...please let me know..that is how this whole "evolving" happens! 

I have come to realize that I really do like working with the Kona cotton on the inside.  I love th look of the silk, but sometimes I wonder if in time some earrings or chains may snag the silk.  It looks pretty and is silky soft but I really think the cotton has a smoother look.

                                       An added "catch all pocket" to the small jewelry roll

So how about it?  Get your creative juices flowing and send me a note with your feedback!  You can either leave me a comment here or click on my website and convo me with your ideas or requests.

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day and remember always make time for a stroll along the beach or lake or whatever water is near you!!!   :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jewelry for People Who Love the Beach! Shells, Moonstones and Sea Glass Jewelry

Well its been a long and busy summer! From the beaches of Kauai to Moonstone Beach in Cambria to Refugio in Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach in So Cal! And still I don't feel like I have had enough beach time :) 

However my workshop is full of some great beachcombing finds....pukas and lots of shells from Kauai, moonstones and jade frrom Cambria, baby sand dollars from Pismo...sea glass from Kauai and California and just so much more... 

And well of course been to bead shops in practically every city we visit so here is just some of the creations of the summer...the ones that make you feel like you were at the beach.

To me there's no better place to be!  There is nothing like a cup of coffee sitting in Kauai watching the sunrise over the Kilaeua lighthouse....

Or watching a beautiful sunset with your feet in the warm waters of Southern California..

Okay, now are you in the mood for some beach time too!  I say GO! 

Always make time for a stroll along the beach...enjoy the sunrises or sunsets depending where you are in the world...but always remember to take note of where you step...you never know...you just might find your treasure too!

Well thats it for today, short and sweet...too much work to do today!  Stay tuned for my next article on the inspirations from Half Moon Bay, CA , my favorite place in the world..."Reasons to visit Half Moon Bay"...until then...

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!

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