Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surf's Up! Inspirations from Clark Little Photography and The Blue Wave

If you have ever been to Hawaii and sat on the shore to hear and feel the rumble of the massive waves, you know there is nothing like it!  The sheer power and beauty is absolutely breath taking....I stumbled across this completely talented North Shore Wave Break Photographer, Clark Little of Haleiwa, Hawaii.

And I got completely inspired today...Clark's surfing experience at the Waimea Bay shorebreak opened the door for him to capture the beauty of the wave from the inside...where most of us dare never to go!

The colors and shapes are too gorgeous for words...I tried to capture what I could with interpretation of the Hawaiian surf and colors of the sand , sea, and sky....

I am so impressed with his ability to become nationally and internationally recognized for his amazing photography skills in just four years!  I wish I had the skill and bravery to go out there and dive into those waves like he does!  What a thrill and a rush !!!

In November 2009, Clark published his 182-page debut art book, The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little. a must have for ocean lovers.  Visit his website for more details and to purchase his prints (without the watermarks! like the pix you see here :)  )

Also he has galleries in Haleiwa, HI and in Laguna Beach, CA you can visit too, all the info is at Clark Little Photography, Official Site

So what do you think?  Was I able to capture the feel of the Hawaiian shore today???  Well...maybe you can't feel the massive power....but it can be a little reminder of either your favorite vacation to the islands or for any coast lover....a token to wear representing your love of the deep blue sea.

Okay, Im beginning to think Im absolutely obsessed with the ocean!  I've always loved it, Ive grown up around it...always loved watching surfing competitions...the Mavericks at Half Moon Bay....I did even try it once....yaaa well anyways....I discovered I'm not as talented as Little :)  pretty much figured that out when the huge Gidget board came up out of no where and smacked me in the forehead!   okay anyways.....

Well I hope you have enjoyed the little get away for the day ....and I'm sure you will be seeing more ocean related posts in the month to come as I'm headed to Kauai in less than three weeks!!!!  So stay tuned!  and no....I will not be surfing or kayaking!!!  I tend to fall out of those too.....

So many thanks to the inspirations and talents of Clark Little and his awe inspiring Photography

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!  and take time if you can tomorrow to relax an unwind to a gorgeous sunset....preferably by the coast!  Aloha!

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