Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Fun Jewelry, May Birthstone ....of course more Wire Crochet :)

Im a lady bug lover! So I actually made one for me :)

Okay so last night I put on some tunes and had so much fun making these!  I love it, because it feels like there are no rules or restrictions with wire feel free to use whatever you want, no particular order...if you cant decide which color wire to use?  Gold or silver? Well then just use both! 

I know, I seem very obsessed with this wire crocheting but its so easy yet, the end result is so eclectic and fun and makes a great conversation piece!

Here are my inspirations of the day!  And if you live on the Central Coast of California, and want to learn how to make some of these fun creations, I will be starting to teach this class soon!  So stay in touch!

Have a great Monday!   And get your creativity going for the week all my fellow artists!!!


  1. Your jewelery is really beautiful, i like the see through jewels and the ladybud one. They almost look magical.

  2. awww thanks for looking! and for liking :) my mom says they look magical too! I have so much fun making them :)


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