Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tumbled Tears..Glass, Years after being tumbled by the waves in Kauai

Have you ever wondered how seaglass is made to become something so gorgeous and valuable to beachcombers the world over??  How can what was once littered become a beautiful sea gem? a peice of art to be collected on the beach or shores of large lakes?

Lets go to the beaches of the garden isle of Kauai for some answers! Common to the locals are some very gorgeous beaches known as Glass Beaches....the concentration of glass on these beaches is amazing! My daughter Heather lives in Kauai , owner of Etsy store TumbledTears.  and beachcombing at these spots is one of her favorite past times.... 


Sea glass can be found in  wide range of colors from dark green, kelly green, aqua, turqoise, clear, cobalt, shades of blue, brown, red, orange and even some pastels.  Where do all these colors come from??  Since most "glass beaches" are the sites of "dumping" spots from long ago...like years! So old Heineken bottles, Rolling Rock bottles, Ball canning jars, wine and medicine bottles,  Coca Cola bottles, Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Noxema, Bromo Seltzer, and Alka Seltzer ,  old Clorox bottles, to Budweiser beer are to be held responsible for these now treasures... One of the most common sources for red glass was made by Anchor Hocking Glass Company for both decorative household items and the 1950’s Schlitz Beer bottle. Tableware, brake lights, and marine running lights were also orange and red in color.

Why the frosty appearance?  This is from the "hydration" process that happens in the ocean. Soda and lime found in the glass slowly leaches out from the continuous contact with the water. This causes a frosty appearance!

Sea glass is often called mermaid tears. The legend has it that when a mermaid weeps, her tears touch the sand and turn to glass :)  So thus the name "TumbledTears"....

These once rough jagged edged peices of glass have been tumbled to perfection by the powerful waves of the island...pounding for years against the reefs, rocks and sand to be recycled into beautiful bits of jewelry for you to enjoy today!

You dont have to live in Kauai to enjoy this beachcombing experience...any beach, bay or lake is a likely place to find these gems...peices of nostalgia...find it, examine it and wonder what it used to be :)

A few pix of Heather's beach days....with some fun visitors!

The artist with her friend Bob shortly before they both went for a swim together....oh the life!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A day at the Coast with a little this and a little that...just Random today :)

Well how is everyone this gorgeous weekend?? Here in California it was a gorgeous day....spent the day in beautiful Morro Bay...watching the sea lions play, sailboats dance, seagulls sing over the sparkling sea...enjoying some good company and the best fish n chips in town!  Although beachcombing wasn't part of the agenda...which...yes .....I know! I cant believe I held back from my favorite past time!....oh well there's always next time....

 So here's a quick "Show and Tell"  from the past couple of days...kind of random....seems like my inspirations were going in a lot of different directions!

Ive never worked with Rose Gold before even though I love it!!  I didnt even know what "Rose Gold" was!  Did a little research...basically it is a gold and copper alloy widely used for specialized jewelry. It is also known as pink gold and red gold.  so here are a few rose gold earrings...

Rose Gold Filligree Hearts (sold super fast !)

I love this pendant...my uncle works on one of the Channel Islands off the coast of California and he finds these awesome baby abalone shells...perfect for a coast loving bride!

A little retro?  or a bit of fiesta feel??  This ones just fun for summer :)

Okay, long day....short post :)  but...all this ocean breeze got me thinking about sea glass ....so stay tuned for hopefully...tomorrows post!  all about the beautiful see tumbled treasures...featuring my daughters jewelry from the beautiful island of Kauai....TumbledTears

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something a little Retro? or Retro Colors for Jewelry at least!....

So what do you think of when you see chartruese, turquoise, persimmon, retro rose, sunny yellow, periwinkle, and buttercream??  I think of old kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles of the 60's!

Theres just something fun and funky to these color combos.  Dont you think??

So this collection may not be your typical "retro" jewelry...but to me, it is what inspired me the past couple of days....so I "retrofied" my style a bit :

Some burnt oranges, olive greens, sunny yellows and more!

I love this collection of yellow glass beads...I found them at one of my favorite stores in Fremont, Ca.  GemNBeads....Sarah the owner is wonderful!  The store is so neat and organized and full of ....well...gems!  If you happen to be in the area...be sure to stop by!

Okay , so this is it for today...its Saturday and I need to get off the computer and go enjoy this great weather!  Hmm...a walk on the beach?....some clam chowder at Splash Cafe in Pismo??  whatever it is...hopefully it inspires me to get back to work!!! 

So whatever you all do on this fine weekend...enjoy!!!!  and come on...let me know what inspired you this weekend....I love feedback!!  and pictures!

Happy weekend!  and Happy Crafting!

Mine :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Brass Jewelry.....Chemo Jewelry

Okay well brass jewelry time!!!  Gives a bit of a vintage antique appeal yes??  But....you say Chemo Jewelry??? What in the world is that???

Well as many of you know, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma last year at the age of 58.  So I have since closed my Bay Area seamstress business....formerly known as Seams Dreamy.  But that didnt mean closing down the creativity! 

Last October I opened up my Etsy stores in hopes of being able to "multi-task"  or juggle both roles as a business owner and helpful daughter :)  I relocated to my parents home on the Central Coast (California).  I have a wonderful home studio now...probably the prettiest sun-room studio Ive ever had!  As always relocating a business is always a bit difficult in a new area...so I am primarily trying to focus on my Etsy store

And I truly appreciate all my loyal faithful followers :).  Every three weeks my mom and I travel 3 hours away to LA to get her Chemo treatments, which takes two days.  And anyone of you that has had to undergo chemo or support a family member know it takes time...lots of time.  Although time well spent, I decided it was time I better continue to create! 

So now, I pack up all my jewelry supplies, camera, laptop and bring them along! My mom loves to make sure that our experience is not just about her Chemo, so she always looks up where the closest bead shop is and we make it part of our trip....we found this great little shop in Pasadena called Farrin O'Connor Design

They offer a wonderful selection of beads, supplies and have an awesome inspiring classroom! (see the website for class schedule)  and they have a very wonderful staff.  Very helpful and very nice people.  Anyways....yesterday we bought several of the beads in my latest creations shown here as well as all the brass findings....Blitzed the store in 40 minutes and raced to the office to get Chemo for mom.  and hours later this is what I was able to produce!

Not only was it a great way to spend my waiting time, but it was so fun!  Mom loves to watch me create, then she more than willingly offers her arm for "tryin on"  :)  she was even wearing one of my bracelets yesterday, she says they make her feel happy...she loves to inspect all the "real" stones and imagines being in the caves where they came from , mining for them...  one of her dreams she would like to do...  And her nurse was so excited to watch the production as well!  And together Davina (the nurse) and I came up with a wonderful idea for "Chemo" bracelets...which I will be working on within the next few weeks.  Or should I say....a round two of Chemo bracelets in addition to these ones today :)   So stay tuned for the new Chemo bracelets....they will represent the treatment woman battling cancer receive and will hopefully beautify and add positive happy thoughts to woman undergoing this type of treatment...so stay tuned!!  and as always...thanks for stopping by :)  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with Ladybugs! and Something blue for the Beach Bride

Okay so a little secret about me .... when I was little my mom used to dress me in red and since my hair was jet black she said Id crawl around and looked like a little ladybug :) so from then on I became Lbug :)  yaaaa so anyways....I love ladybugs! aka Ladybirds.
This gorgeous wire crochet bracelet is a perfect "something blue" for the beach bride.  A bit of mother of pearl, crystals, vintage glass and flashes of "blue flash" labradorite.  I love it!

Perhaps perfect for your upcoming vacation? A bit of a tropical flare with fresh colors of mango and turquoise.

Great to add to your favorite tshirt?  how about a purse? hat? hmmm the options are endless!  A bit whimsical....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Fun Jewelry, May Birthstone ....of course more Wire Crochet :)

Im a lady bug lover! So I actually made one for me :)

Okay so last night I put on some tunes and had so much fun making these!  I love it, because it feels like there are no rules or restrictions with wire crocheting....you feel free to use whatever you want, no particular order...if you cant decide which color wire to use?  Gold or silver? Well then just use both! 

I know, I seem very obsessed with this wire crocheting but its so easy yet, the end result is so eclectic and fun and makes a great conversation piece!

Here are my inspirations of the day!  And if you live on the Central Coast of California, and want to learn how to make some of these fun creations, I will be starting to teach this class soon!  So stay in touch!

Have a great Monday!   And get your creativity going for the week all my fellow artists!!!

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