Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Wired For Summer! More wire crocheted bracelets hmmmm :)

Well as you can see...I had a productive morning!  I think I was dreaming of ideas and woke up so early I just had to start!  then well its hard for me to stop...good thing Im almost out of wire :)  Okay have a great weekend!!! Feels like summer in California .....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Have Fun With Scrap Leather! Upcycle!!

So what do you do with that leather jacket from the 80's with shoulder pads that make you look like a quarterback??  Upcycle!!  So many things you can do with little bits of leather....from small essential pouches to coin purses, wine bags, totes etc... Have fun with it...get out your stash of old buttons, scrap leather, colorful zippers , beads etc and have at it!  And see what your imagination does!
You can make it big enough to hold your cell phone, ID, some small change, mints, chapstick, keys and look chic at the same time....embellish it with your favorite flower or other cutouts.

                                                                  Red leather neck pouch
Several years 15 years ago, someone gave me this little two toned neck pouch bought from a local flea market.  Little did I know how much that pouch would go through !  I loved it!  Perfect for the gym to throw my gym card, ID and car key.   Hiking, walking or for just hands free shopping, I used that little pouch for everything, until I decided to Upcycle!  And began cutting up leather jackets and making these essential little neck pouches.  I cut strips of leather for the neck strap which makes them super soft and comfortable.

Stay tuned...Im working the kinks out of these really cool leather wine bag/totes perfect for a beach picnic or easy wine tasting carry bag...and remember to Upcycle!!!!  Have Fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wire Crocheted Jewelry...Perfect For the Beach Bride??

And I thought you could only crochet with yarn! :)  The other day I was visiting with some friends, one of who also makes jewelry and she suggested I try crocheted jewelry.  Originally she said to use metalic threads which I did but I wasnt getting the result I wanted so I thought about using wire...and wow! I love it!!! So here are some latest creations :)  Enjoy!  and get some wire and try it out!!!  Theres alot of suggestions online and some great online tutorials if you Google it....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Seeing the Possibilities....the story of the Driftwood

Driftwood on the Kauai Coast

Do you sometimes feel lost? Like your just coasting along in the stream of life? Sometimes, speaking from my own life's journey, life throws its twists and turns and puts you off track so to speak....and you wind up feeling like you've lost your direction. But there comes a time when you have to just STOP! and look at life with a new outlook...look at life as "seeing the possibilities". For me, I usually come to those realizations while taking my walks in solitude when its just the sea and me.

Im always amazed when I stumble upon bits of driftwood brought in from the stirs my long has it been adrift? where has it been? what was it before? was it part of someone's beloved home? part of a ship lost at sea? a grand tree toppled over by a storm? or as simple as a tree house that housed a child's precious laughter and memories....

Whatever it was years is now something precious to me...some people find driftwood and cast it back into the sea ,seeing it only as a worthless piece of wood....but for me? I grab it, analyze it, inspect its grain , color and texture and see it as having possibilities. It inspires me.

Perhaps it can become a precious piece of art or simply just be a treasure to sit on my shelf and be a reminder of the turning points in my life....where I realized that no matter what waves of hardships I battled and whatever storms I had to weather, these have made me the person I am today and that life is full of possibilities and new beginnings.

(Driftwood at Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CA)

Broken by a storm, freed from my roots
I flow toward destiny where
new adventures await,
No longer a bystander of a rivers journey
but baptized by nature’s resilience
as I float, glide and fly,
My journey has shaped me uniquely
chiseled by jagged rock to beauty
whitened by the sun,
Life no longer passes me by as I travel
napping in shadowed pools
dancing with the spray,
Where will my adventure’s end?
Does it really matter as
long as I’m still here,
Author unknown

Here are some awesome creations from some Etsy artists who have the same passion as me :)  Enjoy!

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