Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stop, Take a Break, and Look Out The Window!

Mr squirrel eating a fig off the tree

Isn't it true...sometimes we get so wrapped up with ideas and work and all the things we have to do, that we forget to take a break?? Beleive me I know...I can get so "involved" with what I am doing that before I know it the sun has come up and gone down again and all the neighborhood is sound asleep!

enjoying my begonia! he comes everyday and nibbles it...

We have to remember though that so much of our creative juices get inspired from the things around us....especially the outside and all its inhabitants :) So...that being said....STOP, walk to the window and grab your camera and see what all is going on while your busy busy busy...here's a few pix from my window from the past couple of days...this is a daily routine...

I am working and I here a thump...I look out and there's a squirrel digging up my plant! and doing a little gardening himself! or my machine is going and Mr. Blue (the blue bird) is sitting out my window on the fence looking at me...and "yelling" (thats what it sounds like to me!) at me...since I think my machine sound drives him crazy...he will stay there until I get up and go talk to him ;) Now its your turn...take a moment and enjoy your surroundings...you may even make some new friends! furry or feathery ones that is!

I think he's full now....

ya him too, too stuffed to run away now...
monarch butterfly
mr blue
red hat guy from my walk on the beach a little further outside the window :)
hummingbird taking a break from humming, enjoying the ocean air...
sandpipers at play..
Enjoy the day!!! Remember to take a breather, even if its only ten minutes, it will rejuvenate you and your work performance will be ten times better!!!!!

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