Thursday, December 23, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

by Elseetee2 on Etsy...raw diamonds with steel grey pearl...(see link)

I just have to say that this ring is probably one of my most favorite finds on Etsy...the beauty is indescribable...the beauty of a diamond in its natural state.  I work with alot of brides and see alot of beautiful diamond rings, the various cuts , how many carats, the clarity and yadayadayada....but to me...this beauty far surpasses...

A diamond does not have to be perfect for it to be a beautiful find...and isn't that true of people too? I had a couple different conversations this week about different types of personalities.  We have all dealt with a "rough" type before so I'm sure we can all relate...and for some of us, we may be that "rough" type....

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we begin to expect perfection out of others and sometimes even out of ourselves...even though perfection is desirable, there is beauty in the way we "just are"....just like this diamond below....look at all its rough edges...but wow! how gorgeous....we may just have to look at it a little bit to appreciate it...but the more we do, the more we see the wonderful facets of that raw diamond and it becomes more beautiful to us.....the same with people...sometimes we just need to take a closer look to appreciate them...their "facets" or qualities that make them who they are and make them a valuable gem.

by LouisaGallery on Etsy...Silvery rough diamond ring...(see link)

And just like the first diamond picture...paired with the steel grey pearl...that pearl enhances the beauty of the raw diamond.  And for people, perhaps its a mate or good friend that enhances our beauty....Whatever it may be...and whatever we have been through in life , however raw we are and whatever "cuts" we may have taken to give "facets" to our personalities...its who we are and theres beauty and value in all of it....

by 2TrickPony on Etsy...rose cut diamond..(see link)



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