Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chaotic leads to Poppysmic why "chaotic" ? Just a few days ago okay I wrote about being all inspired by the "Grey Morning" and wanting to make silver grey clutches.....hmmmm did I???!!!  Well I started too...I did make a pattern and made some silk flowers...were they grey?? uh no!

See I think thats how the creative mind works sometimes...or at least mine...but really I know most seamstresses, artists etc go through the same process! Chaos!  We get this fabulous (or we think so) ideas and we tear up our studios until we finally do some "hands on" amongst our mess...half the time we come up with something very different than what we originally intended. 

yesterdays blossom....

But I really believe that some of the best "works of art" come from chaotic minds...the mind is constantly getting so bombarded by inspirations, scenery, sounds, texture...and now in this case for me movies!!! I do get alot of inspiration from movies and music...soooo how does the "Chaotic" lead to "Poppysmic"? and what in the world is "Poppysmic"????  

Well if any of you have seen the chic flick "Love Happens" then you know...the carefree whimsical florist character "Eloise" has a fascination with crazy this case Poppysmic was one of them....which means "the sound produced by smacking ones lips, as in showing approval".    But for me made me think of poppies...then I came across this picture on Etsy of red poppies which I love!!  I used to grow red poppies that had black spots on them and reminded me of lady chaos began.....
Courtesy of Raceytay of Etsy.... (see link below)

Yesterday i started tearing up my studio....I had this crazy whim to make simple wool skirts with the whimsy red poppy!!! and here is what my chaotic mess led to.....a red dupioni silk poppy....

and here is the beginnings of a black and white wool A-line skirt...simple with a little stay tuned for pix of the final product!! lets see what today my far...chaotic has led to me smackin my lips in approval!!! POPPYSMIC!!  :)

Enjoy the day!!!

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